Welding machines

Welding machines  
Pulsed MIG/MAG welding AMT HYBRID 6000M Fully electronic welding machine
Technical specifications: Wire feed speed = 0.5-20 m/min, solid wire diameter = 0.8-1.6 mm, fluxed core diameter = 1.0-2.4 mm, motor voltage = 42 V, motor rating = 90 W
Kuka welding robot KR6C1 With Siemens Sigmatic OP7 control, repeating accuracy 0.1 mm, with MAG welding equipment Fronius TPS 5000, 6-axes, swivelling table
TIG automatic welding equipment Cloos GL 400 T With tailstock turning jig Dalex D-RDV 500 2/2
MAG automatic welding equipment Dalex CGW 306 With turning jig Dalex D-RDVJ 500 1/1
TIG welding machine Rehm Invertig Pro 240 Inert gas welding machine 240 AC/DC
Technical specifications: Setting range 3-240 A, max. power consumption 9.3 kVA